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Marching Band:  No audition for marching band. All are welcome and no experience is required. It is encouraged that marching band students are enrolled in Concert Band, Symphonic band or both.


Drumline: Drumline placements will happen during drum camps. Typically this happens the first week of Band camp in July. 

***Percussionists in the Marching Band are REQUIRED to attend symphonic band in the fall everyday regardless of enrollment status.


Jazz Band, World Ensemble, and WGI: These by-audition group typically starts after marching season and continues throughout the school year. Auditions for each will take in person and will be announced during the school year.


Concert Band: No audition for Concert Band. This is a mixed skills class designed for students who are new to Terra Nova to get oriented with our music program. Students are expected to have some experience on their instrument prior to enrolling in this class but exceptions can be made. Speak to the director if you have questions.

Symphonic Band: 

   Tone: The number one thing that will be assessed is the musician's tone. Tone production is the foundation of all things we do so if a musician does not have a quality sound (AKA pretty sound) while playing whole notes then nothing else really matters. Tone will be assessed throughout the audition. 


   Matching Pitch: Students must be able to tune their instrument by ear. This is assessed match pitch with their voice by hearing a note played on a piano and humming the same pitch. 

   Scale Degrees: Students must be able to identify scale degrees by number in the major keys of F and C.


   Counting: Students must be able to identify and count rhythms and rests in duple and triple meters with rhythms from whole notes up to 16th notes. 



Wind instruments

One octave with the 1 chord arpeggio at the end. Students are expected to play the scales at a MAXIMUM of 100 bpm but slower is preferred. 

Trumpets: If you want to be considered for 1rst parts you must be able to hit an A above the staff. If you are looking for lead trumpet parts you must be able to play a C above the staff.


Percussion instruments

 As a percussionist you will have to audition on several instruments. Most students do not have access to these instruments at home. If you need access to these big instruments to practice or record your audition please speak to your current middle school director or reach out directly to Mr. Bishop. 

You will be expected to demonstrate skills on the following instruments: xylophone/bells, timpani, snare drum, crash cymbals and or tambourine. 



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