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A Band for Every Musician: Marching, Concert, Jazz, Drumline, Colorguard.

The Terra Nova High School Band Program boasts several different bands that play throughout the school year. Freshman musicians take the concert band class and, sophomore, junior and senior students take the symphonic band class, which meets at 0 period, starting at 7:28 a.m.


Students in these two classes make up the Tiger Band. All regular school-day band classes at Terra Nova fulfill the UC “a-g” fine arts requirement and are considered a college-prep elective. Public performance is a requirement for all bands.


Marching Band: The Tiger Band performs during the Fall at parades, varsity home football games and at three major band competitions in the Bay Area. We practice twice a week from August through November after school.


Jazz Band, World Ensemble, and WGI: These by-audition group typically starts after marching season and continues throughout the school year. They performs in the fall and spring and at various concerts as requested.
Pep Band: Participation in this group is voluntary and typically plays at home basketball games.


Concert/Symphonic Band: This is the same group as the marching band, and they play two to three times a year for a Winter and Spring concert and at the yearly CMEA large group festival in March.


Colorguard: This group of students may or may not be musicians, but they play an important role in our marching season by adding visually to our music. Colorguard also practices twice a week and often practices with the band.


Drumline: These percussionist play at rallies and some competitions.


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