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Help and Support The Band!

The TN Bands need the support from donors and sponsors for their uniforms, equipment and musical instruments, travel and food expenses of their 100 hours of practices especially during the high school field show band competitions and band tournaments organized by WBA and NCBA, and winter to spring concert seasons.

The Terra Nova Band programs boast 60-80 students in any given year. The students participate in Symphonic Band, Fall Marching Band and Color Guard, Jazz Band, Winter Drumline, Winter Colorguard, and the Spring TNHS musical. Because school funds for music programs is extremely limited, the TNHS Band programs operates primarily on funds tossed by the TNHS Band Boosters and Students. 

Ways you can help.

If you would like to help TNB programs you can attend performances, donate money to the programs, or donate your time at the events. 

Student Impact Video:


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Terra Nova High School Band programs started in the 1970's and has enhanced the musical lives of countless students. Terra Nova Band Boosters (TNBB) formalized their mission, by laws and non-profit 501c3 status in 2013 so that they could pursue funding, grants and donations independently. Currently, TNBB strives to provide logistical and financial support to the TNHS Band programs.

The Terra Nova Bands is a registered 501 (c) (3) non profit. Monetary donations are tax deductible.  

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Why Donate?

The Terra Nova Band programs operate primarily on funds raised by TNBB and Band Students. Operational costs run approximately $40,000 annually (on top of the small stipend for music provided by JUHSD). TNBB raises money to cover cost for competitions, performances at home Football Games, and several free concerts throughout the year. In addition, TNBB raises money to cover music, drill, fees, transportation to competition, music, instruments, repairs, and uniforms. Terra Nova Bands has been fortunate to receive grants from the Mazza foundation for a large addition to the instrument collection 2013, Pacifica Lions Club for new Marching Band uniforms in 2014, and the Reed Foundation to purchase additional instruments in 2015. 100% of donated funds enhance the Terra Nova Band student experience and keep the TNHS Band programs strong.


Music is more than a hobby or extracurricular activity. Music education enhances other areas of learning including language, logic, spatial reasoning and mathematics.  In another sense, playing music enhances parts of their brain that few other activities do. Ultimately, music is fundamental to human culture and can generate joy in both the player and listener. 

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