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Marching, Concerts-Symphonic, Jazz 
Seniors Graduated:

Great and talented musicians!!! You will all be missed!!! Wishing you all the best in life!!!

Drum Majors:
Lucy Ramos - Head Drum Major
Benjamin Bruxvoort - Asst. Drum Major
Color Guards:

Danika Xavier & Audrey Resella (Section Leaders), Nicholas Fernandes, Jaden Fernandes, Sherita Anchordo, Jennifer Murphy, Isis Vallero, Crystal Vip

Low Brass Section:

Ariel Zipagan (Section Leader), Eli Compin, Aidan Burk,  Padma Armstrong, Kayla Sherman

High Brass Section:

Jerry Sheng (Section Leader) Leila Vuskovic,

Rafael Manahan, Matthew Ng, Ava Burk, Kei Nokamira, Marcus Guitap, David Lechuga, Joseph G., Sam K.C.,

Miguel Sanchez

Low Woodwinds Section:

Russell Ng (Section Leader), Alex Amundsen,

Edward Pak, Isabel Medina Galvan, Jackie Garcia,

Dorian Holmes

Alto Saxophones Section:

Isaac Lipsky (Section Leader), Sebastian Vuskovic,

Frank Mirabella, Jessica Ruiz, Mackenzie Pelletier,

Preston Woodsworth, Brandon Vintero, Vincent Garcia,

Keenan Johnston

Clarinets Section:

Gabe Manahan (Section Leader), Chase Heiberger, Shane Lee, Angelica

Flutes Section:

Angie (Section Leader), Wyatt, Tiana, Emilia, Amanda, Juliana, Kaitlyn, Aimee, Sheyn 

The Pit Section:

Sage (Section Leader), Nikka, Helene, Patrick, Nadia, Andre, Benseon

Drum Line Section:

Dominic Lagones (Section Leader) Dominic Lucia, Christian, Jacob, Ethan


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